Why Sites Get Hacked

Hacking is a major problem these days for organizations. It means that outsiders are able to access computer systems, websites and other technology with the aim of taking control of it, damaging it or even destroying it. Hackers often try to blackmail their victims, requesting money in return for getting control back.

There are various ways in which a hacker can get into a site. Sometimes it is because the passwords have been compromised and they are gaining very easy access. This is also true when people find that their emails have been accessed. It is simply because their password was not strong enough and the hacker was able to get through.

Some are still using old software that is missing a few updates. When the updates have not been carried out it means that there are gaps in the security levels so there is a way in for the hacker.

Phishing is another favorite trick of the hackers. The user is tricked – they believe that they are providing information to a legitimate website but actually he or she is providing the hacker with everything that they need to do a lot of damage. Bank accounts and other important parts of a person’s life can be compromised this way.

Data leaks appear to be becoming more frequent but if they are not we are certainly becoming more aware of them. Data can be accidentally leaked by an organization and then this is found and used by hackers when they want to access other parts of the site. This can happen when the appropriate security measures have not been put in place and there are many ways in which this can be prevented from happening.

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