Technology in the Medical Field

Advancements in technology are used in every aspect of modern life, but perhaps one of the most useful areas is in the medical field. Medical technology has helped so many people and saved many lives, even though much of it was unavailable just 50 years ago. It’s incredible to think of how far humanity has come in such a short space of time.

Outside the Home

Of course, the most commonly known medical technology is the kind that is in places like hospitals and doctors’ offices. This includes X-rays, MRIs, blood tests, chemotherapy and so much more that are all examples of medical technology used to help people. Organ transplants and blood transfusions are also examples of how medical technology has saved lives. Prosthetic limbs are used to replace amputated ones, and something that sounds like science fiction – creating artificial organs – is actually becoming possible with technology’s help.

As time goes on, scientists find answers to more and more diseases and conditions. Not all of them can be cured, but of those that can’t, there are ways to allow the person with that condition to continue on with their life. The chance of surviving cancer or losing a limb is higher than it’s ever been, thanks to all the technology doctors have at their disposal. Of course, it’s impossible to save every patient, but the likelihood of dying is much lower with the help of medical technology.

In the Home

Many people don’t consider just how much technology is used outside of medical facilities for health purposes. People use simple apps to monitor everything from their weight to their sleeping habits helping them to stay healthy. Then there are apps like, which allow people to get in contact with a medical professional even if they’re unable to leave the house, as well as get prescription refills and schedule an in-person appointment if needed.

People also use medical technology for pre-existing conditions. Those with diabetes use technology to monitor their blood sugar and inject insulin when they need to, for example. Many people also have artificial limbs that make it possible for them to continue living a healthy life when they would never have been able to otherwise. Plus, technology makes it much easier to get help if a medical emergency arises, as most people have a cell phone and take it everywhere. Even if they’re alone when something happens, they can still call for help.

The use of technology has gathered pace in recent years, and new discoveries are being made every day. No one can say what mankind will create next, but it’s sure to be something significant that will save even more lives.

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