Technology for the Elderly

The rapid development of technology has been at such a pace that it was in danger of leaving behind certain members of society. Older people, in particular, have found it hard to keep up. However, there are plenty of opportunities for them to access technology for the elderly.

Some of the more complex smartphones are not ideal for the elderly but there are simpler versions that they may find easier to use. They have a limited number of apps on them and make it easy to get onto the internet. The phrase ‘silver surfer’ was coined to refer to older people who spent time on the internet. There are easy to use computers designed for those with less knowledge of technology that makes it easy to send emails and there is no set-up required.

Technology can also be used to assist with the difficulties that elderly people face each day. Wireless sensors can be placed in the home so that help can be alerted if needed, for example, if the older person has a fall. They can also make use of modern technology such as fitness trackers that can encourage them to stay fit and healthy.

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