Technology for Kids

I.T. is not just for adults, children more commonly know how to use electronic devices much better than many adults. Often in the workplace, there are conversations about having the children or grandchildren help to set up the TV recordings, and it is very often the case that when doing something online, asking the younger generation for help is the best way to save time and effort.

This is because children have been brought up using computers and other devices that it is second nature to them, unlike many adults who find switching from a standard call and text type cell phone to a smartphone is the height of technological advancement.

Some of the best devices available for kids include:

  • Anki Cozmo – a tiny robot that can play games with a child and help advance learning by encouraging interactive play.
  • Kano Computer Kit – Allows the child to build their own computer with easy to put together parts. It is fun and educational too.
  • Kindle Fire – Kids can download games, ebooks, and music. The fire has a camera, although it is of a lower quality than many digital cameras, it is still fun to use.
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