Artificial Intelligence And Fashion

Artificial Intelligence keeps creating path-breaking miracles in various fields, many industries today are looking forward to incorporating this advanced technology into their infrastructure to maximise profits. And in this regards, the fashion industry is not left too behind. Renowned brand Tommy Hilfiger has recently teamed up with the IBM to use their AI tools in an attempt to understand the consumer behaviour and requirements and design their clothing accessories accordingly. Not only clothing, AI is also now making its presence felt in the footwear industry as well. Products such as artificially intelligent shoes and socks are now available in the market which is capable of sensing one’s pressure points and degree of balance and help them prevent life-threatening falls.

Shoes Wearing Artificial Intelligence!

Ai is helping the fashion industry resolve questions like, “How did a particular style perform a couple of seasons ago? What are the latest colour schemes? What was the company’s most popular runaway collection in the last couple of seasons?”. Using AI tools all such questions can be answered in a matter of minutes, which, otherwise would take weeks for humans to distill down. Some of the information gathered by the AI tools may not be available to humans at all. For example, IBM’s AI algorithms helped Tomy Hilfiger gather information not only such as the reviews on Amazon and Zolando, but also helped the company to understand customers’ views on the product such as the fit, quality of the cloth, price, colours, etc. Once answers to such and many more similar questions are found, they are passed on to the human designing teams which can now interpret the vast data available at their disposal and make informed decisions. In a few years time, it would be very interesting to see how Artificial Intelligence will impact the future of fashion given that the fashion world has now slowly started blending AI into the designing process.

Fashion Designing Fuses With AI

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