Is it Possible to Live Without Technology?

When asking the question, is it possible to live without technology one has several factors to consider. Of course, the physical act of living will not change if there is no Wi-Fi signal, but on the other hand, if someone got sick and needed medical care, then technology could actually ensure they lived a longer life.

Living off the grid is something many people dream of. Getting back to basics, living off the land and no longer being caught up in the general hustle and bustle of today’s modern life. A person could live a very good life this way, after all, information technology is a relatively recent thing, not so long ago people were living without electricity and a water supply to their homes. The big question is, could a person cope with the extreme change in living conditions?

If done slowly, no longer owning a mobile phone, then losing the laptop, then managing without a washing machine, a person could learn to adapt to this way of life over a period of time, to basically wean themselves off technology for a simpler and arguably happier way of life.

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