Advantages of BYOD

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and it is something that happens often in the workplace. Staff would rather use their own smartphone or tablet than the version provided by the company. Or maybe the company does not provide them at all. There are both advantages and disadvantages of BYOD.

One major benefit to the employee is that they can use the office internet connection so they are not using their own data allowance to access their own emails or social media. The cost of data these days can be ridiculously expensive and it is important that users can keep their costs down.

Another benefit is that they can use the one device. Why carry around multiple devices when it is so much easier to use one that can do everything? It can help to increase productivity so this is a benefit to the employee. If the worker needs to take a day off sick or can’t make it into work due to travel issues then they are still able to do some work while they are at home.

It can also be a great way to convince workers to take a job. There are so many work places that do not allow people to use their own devices in the office that it can be a selling point in an interview.

There are disadvantages too but BYOD is something that many people prefer to do and for this reason it is something that modern organisations should consider to assist with the smooth running of the workplace.

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