Uses of IT in Education

Everyone goes through a certain amount of education in their lifetime. Some choose a more academic path and opt for a lifetime of learning perhaps even leading onto teaching, others will attend school for the minimum mandatory length of time before they leave to pursue a career. Whatever path one chooses, they are likely to find their education never ends. Even those who leave school for work will have on-going on the job training, either for themselves or when training a new starter. The learning and education process is a constant in almost every person’s life.

Advancements in technology have seen education change drastically in the last few decades. Computers and tablet devices are used as standard in many schools, whereas 30 years ago an electronic typewriter may have been the epitome of the most high-tech item in a school. How many people remember their maths teacher drilling mental arithmetic into them because ‘in the real world you won’t have a calculator with you everywhere you go’. How wrong were they? And attending an actual campus is no longer necessary thanks to distance learning, made possible to more people with the invention of the internet

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