What is IT?

IT stands for Information Technology. This phrase covers anything that is connected to computer technology and large companies will have whole departments that take care of this aspect of their business. They will be tasked with keeping the company going, ensuring that email is always working, that database software remains up and running and even integrating phone and computer systems to create unified communications.

Today IT will cover items such as smartphones, which can be used to access the internet as well as email, so people can continue to work on the move. Tablet computers are also popular with people who have to work away from the office because they can still carry out a similar number of tasks on them – sending emails, accessing files and recording new data.

IT professionals may also work on the development of websites and other online material, but they may also look at the actual installation of IT equipment, so could take responsibility for cabling and connections. There are many different aspects to IT, from engineering to coding, so those who are interested in a career in IT will have plenty of options to choose from.

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