The Top 3 SEO Practices for IT and Tech Companies

Companies in the tech industry have a sizeable part of the audience that hardly consumes online content like clients from other fields. This makes SEO techniques for IT companies a bit tougher. Many laymen in this industry are seeking simplified information. But there are also those who work in specialized areas and they need complex materials written in technical language. Bearing this in mind, it is possible to design robust SEO techniques that geared towards the need of such clients. Here are some tips that can boost your technology marketing.

1) Geo-Targeted Landing Pages

Almost 33% of online searches on Google are linked to specific locations. This is where Wincher SEO tools come in for the rescue. They help you to create information on landing pages specific to your city or region. You want the content to reach users that are in the areas that your company operates. While IT technicians provide services remotely, customers usually prefer working with experts from their locality.

2) On-Page SEO Elements

Your IT blogs must have significant topics and keywords that follow the best SEO tactics. Avoid keyword stuffing and more importantly, include Metadata. This involves alt tags on images, meta description, and meta title. Your on-page SEO elements may not have so much impact if the content is shoddy in the first place. Start by posting valuable and educational blogs that resonates with the needs of the target audience. It should offer solution to their problems rather than project a sales pitch.

3) Understand Your Audience

Know that your target audience is tech-savvy. By knowing their persons, you will be in a position to produce content that meets their pain points. Most IT enthusiasts want specific and highly technical details. So, avoid a promotional tone. That is why you must first determine the topics that interest them. Be keen on keywords that the prospects type on Google search. This is critical in helping the target audience find your business through organic search. In a tech company, new terms and concepts keep involving. So, the list of keywords is never a set-and-forget thing. You must do a review on regular basis using quality keyword research tools. That way, you can see what terms rank high on SERPs.

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