How is Intranet Relevant to Your Company’s IT Department?

Internal communication is an integral part of digital transformation. As your company adopts technological tools, there is an increasing need for private networks to dispense information exclusively to the employees. Intranets are some of the best solutions businesses use to engage the workforce. Unlike the internet, which just anyone can use, the intranet is a private network accessible only to authorized users.

Reasons to Use an Intranet

Simply put, an intranet is a centralized communication hub within an organization, offering everything that a modern workforce requires to collaborate in real time. Intranets come in handy when the employees want to search for information, manage workflows, and communicate across departments. Intranets are, therefore, websites that other companies can use to deliver data to their workforce. A good example is Omnia, designated as, that offers intranet solutions to digital workplaces. Their software allows your IT professionals to build private and safe networks that only your employees can access external and internal resources.

Similarly, managers can communicate with their teams and share documents on the Omnia platform. That way, the IT department will have an easy time updating the personnel with the latest news, change in policies, and other work-related issues. Overall, the intranet serves as a collaboration site, management tool, communication channel, and website.

Ways the Intranet Simplifies IT Tasks

Even though new communication technologies have emerged, your IT team would benefit from having an intranet managed by a dedicated team. The advantages include:

Easy Sharing of Information

In a big organization with multiple departments, the IT team may have a hard time distributing information. The intranet software makes sharing of internal knowledge more convenient, eliminating traditional methods like physical documents and USB drives that can get lost or stolen. Omnia intranet solutions facilitate quick uploading of onboarding forms, the latest changes in company policies, and employee engagement polls. Remote workers can join the platform to view HR files and check what is happening in the organization.

Easier Storage and Access of Formatted Files

Your company probably has thousands of formatted files stored in desktops, PCs, hard drives, Google Drive, and emails. With a dedicated intranet, you may access all these files from a central location. All communications and posts are saved so individuals can retrieve them when need be. Because the intranet has features like LinkedIn, any employee can type in a job title or description to find a colleague and send a message. Such increased collaboration helps to boost a strong workforce network.

Effective Content Management

When intranets first emerged in the 90s, they featured a specific welcome page with limited information regarding an organization. Today, the features include advanced CMS or content management system with social features, blogs, and discussion forums. These attributes enable IT professionals to share key messages and updates across all channels.

The responsibilities of your IT team may not be as defined as that of HR management. Sometimes, it can be challenging to decide precisely where to add new tools. And this is where Omnia intranet comes in to break communication barriers. Intranet applications are run by digital workplace experts that utilize several cross-functional skills. Omnia provides a variety of skill sets stemming, from IT management, content creation, and communication. The portal aims to provide the ultimate user experience, collaboration, and database management.

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