Guide to Buying a Refurbished MacBook

If you are planning to buy a MacBook, you should consider choosing a refurbished one. This applies especially when you have a limited budget, as the refurbished laptops tend to be a lot cheaper than new ones. However, you should note that refurbished MacBooks are usually not in perfect condition, considering that they have been in use before. Therefore, you should check a variety of features before purchasing, to ensure you buy one which will satisfy your computing needs. Some of the top factors to consider when buying a refurbished MacBook are highlighted below.

Processing Speed

Generally, the processing power of MacBooks increases with each new release. This means that the older versions may have slower processing speeds than new models. You should, thus, start by analysing your computing needs to determine the minimum processor which you need. Doing so will help to narrow down your options. You can also consider the number of cores the computer has, as it also plays a role in determining speed.


The size of the RAM is an important consideration to make, especially if your computer usage usually involves a lot of multitasking. Just as with the processor, you need to understand your computing needs. Generally, you cannot go wrong with a second hand macbook which has a RAM size of 16GB and above. However, most of the older Macbook generations have RAM of less than 16GB. Make careful considerations of whether such will work for you. You can also consider getting the RAM upgraded.

Internal Storage

The first thing to consider when assessing the storage of a refurbished MacBook is the type of storage. The two types are SSD and HDD. SSD is generally better compared to HDD, especially when you consider booting speeds. MacBooks with SSD memory, however, are more expensive compared to those with HDD. The other consideration should be the memory size. The larger the memory, the more files you will be able to store on the computer. For most MacBooks, the internal memory can be configured up to 4TB.


The graphics card which the MacBook computer comes with is another essential consideration, especially if you intend to run graphics-intensive software such as games. The higher the graphics, the better the user experience will be.


When choosing a refurbished MacBook computer, make sure you check the connectivity as well. Ensure that it can support all the wireless connections which you may need, which includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The version of the wireless technology matters, as the older versions may not be as secure as the newer versions. Next, check the number of USB and HDMI ports and ensure all your external devices will be supported. You can also consider other ports such as DVI and VGA if you intend to use them.

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